Your Kroĉeta bag is handcrafted from yarn and is intrinsically unique. The bag may vary slightly in size, colour, and detail due to the nature of the material. If taken care of properly, your Kroĉeta bag will last a lifetime. Although the bag is easy to take care of, here are some helpful guidelines.

Q. What should I be mindful of when carrying my Kroĉeta bag?
To preserve handbag shape avoid overfilling or overcrowding.
To preserve the bag’s natural colour, avoid direct sun exposure for extended periods. • Avoid rubbing the bag against rough surfaces and protect it from sources of humidity, light, heat, liquid, and grease. Take care when wearing with pale clothing.

Q. How do I clean the yarn part of the bag?
If the yarn gets dirty, gently clean it with stain remover and small amount of water (use a towel or something similar,  do not use a brush). 

Q. Where should I store my Kroĉeta handbag?
Store your Kroĉeta bag in its dust bag on a flat base indoors, in a cool, dry place where the materials can breathe. If you are storing your bag for an extended period of time (months and years) you may want to add some silica gel packs to the dust bag. 
With time, slight wear may be visible on the surface of the bag. This is expected of all materials and doesn’t affect the resistance or durability of your bag.

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