Kroĉeta is about a new adventure of life infused with good vibes. Kroĉeta is a touch of contrasts: yarn handmade products in the modern world.
Its elegant and joyful femininity is expressed by natural and ecological, the exclusive chosen materials.
Kroĉeta is an independent woman with high self awareness, deeply in touch with the nature, her great escape from everyday life.
Made of wise chosen yarn, it boosts and amplifies the positive mood. More than a touch, it’s an ode to youth, to friendship, to life!

Kroĉeta celebrates a woman’s power of seduction with the utmost daring. She evokes the disarming nature of female duality. Kroĉeta supports female power and self awareness to be just herself.

The designer

Slađana Urošević Šimunac was born on December 15, 1979. She grew up in Ljubljana, Slovenia. When she was a 6 year old girl her grandmother taught her how to crochet. But at the age of 10 she started to paint and put her crochet hook beside. She painted all the way through high school and had an exhibition at that time. She had a passion to create and try to find her way to express herself. In that time she started to be interested in the fashion world but then she became a mother to Anastazija when she was 22 years old. As a young single mother her life was a constant battle. However during hard times, she never gave up dreaming of wanting to be a fashion designer. At one point she even enrolled in a fashion design private school and over a while she was busy designing and sewing her own clothes. In 2018 she got married with her second husband and giving birth to Allegra.
Her passion for fashion and her dedication to her work inspired her to create Kroĉeta to represent her idea of creativeness, a more human and natural version of fashion for women.


The Designer


All my life I express myself in artistic way through various materials.
I created this painting as a tribute to women… you really are amazing



Crochet and grandmother

I inherited a love of crochet from my grandma….  she was the most famous knitter in town. I feel connected to her each time I pick up a crochet hook.




Made to be cherished, recarry
and passeddown generations!



Kroĉeta is born

Kroĉeta is not just a purse.  It’s expression of my feelings… My way to communicate.


Environmental Awareness

What the Earth will look like in the , depends exclusively on us and the ideas we pass on to our children and what changes we make to our lifestyle. Small daily, seemingly imperceptible improvements and changes lead to a better future for all of us. For this reason, ecological awareness has led Kroĉeta to create not only fashionable handmade handbags but to incorporate natural recycled materials to the greatest extent possible.

It is not just about fashion but about caring for nature. For this reason, Kroĉeta is not just a fashionable or trendy handbag, it’s about sustainable approach while resisting mass production!

Kroĉeta also supports small local businesses and farmers. We truly believe that small businesses mean a big heart. This is reflected in their attitude towards customers, individual approach and diligence. Kroĉeta produces all handbag accessories in small workshops, and thus supports small businesses.

Handmade handbags

Combination of different materials


Kroĉeta in media

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